Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The deadline for pre- entry, bible ads, and trophy sponsorship is here. We are sending out a post card mailer to a lot of vanners for a last minute push to get as many of you as possible, to this years Nats. For those of you who have recieved this mailer you can still pre-register till the 10th of JUNE. That's 1 month before the vans start arriving. We have ended the free t-shirt with pre- entering, but you can still save a little more cash if you get your pre-reg in by the 10th.

There are a lot of things happening you may not be aware of. We will be visited this year by represenatives of HOT ROD and TRUCK'IN magazines. They are showing a renewed interest in vans. A good turnout could further their interest in covering vans and van events. The more vans at the Nats, the more chances we will once again see our favorite vehicles in print.

Some of the activities we have planned include a night at the drag races. Wednesday evening we will have a caravan to National Trail Raceway and drags for the vans has been arranged by Virtual Vanner. On Friday we will have a burn out contest for you motor head types -- always a crowd pleaser. So be prepared to Smoke'em. On Saturday afternoon we are having an activity stolen from the street rodders. The SLOW DRAGS is run just like regular drag races, but the idea is to be the LAST across the line. It's a lot of fun.
We will be posting a copy of the schedule of events soon, so keep a watch.

We also will be running a shuttle around the grounds for transporting Vanners from your camp to the vendor and band areas. The Guernsey County fairgrounds is a large facility.

Walking all that way will be taxing for some of you, so we hope this will help you get around. The shuttle and tractor is being supplied by the Lashley Tractor Sales. They are giving us the use of a tractor for the week, free of charge. Please let them know that you appreciate the guesture, especially if you use it through-out the event. The shuttle is intended for transportation. We will be limiting how long you can stay on the bus, so everyone will have a chance to use it. When you get to where you want to go, hop off and let others ride.

We are having concert style entertainment on Friday & Saturday evenings. This is somthing different than your normal fair, but promises to be intertaining. We will also have the normal line up of music. There will be a band Wednesday evening, and another band on Friday evening. Both playing under the stars (weather permiting). A third band will play Friday evening after the concert, inside, till the wee hours, for you more hearty types.

So stay tuned for more updates. The Nats will be here before we know it!

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