Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why are we doing this?

With the new year, we are quickly closing in on the 39th National Truck-in. I've had several people ask, why in the world would a group our size, take on something like the National Truck-in? Well ,that is a real kicker of a question. As you may know Vans On The Run hosted the 16th Nationals in 1988. Shortly there after, we had some people ask if we would do it again, and at least one of our previous members replied" WHEN PIGS FLY".. We are 23 years removed from that event and we figured it was time to do our share again. Vanning has slowly gotten smaller over that period and the number of van clubs and groups willing to take on a task this important to vanning has dwindled to a hand full. There are still many vanners who enjoy the vans and the vanners, but unless some one is willing to put forth the effort to keep it going, there wont be anything for us to do anymore. We have hosted Spring Back,since 1978. Putting on an event each year, has been the catalyst for keeping our club together. Without a common goal, there is no reason to exist. We want vanning to continue and see this as our part to help keep it alive! We want to acknowledge the vanners who have graciously volunteered their help with the 39th Nationals. Three Rivers Vans,of Pittsburg Pa., Tuscarawas Inter valley Truckers,of Dover, Ohio. Mid Ohio Vannels,of Lancaster,Ohio, Central Florida Vans of Orlando,Zephyr Vans of California, and Next Gen Vanners of Oh. The National Truck-in Board, as well as a number of individual vanners , have pitched in to help with man power. W e couldn't pull it off with out them. Actually I am overwhelmed with how many vanners have come to me with offers of assistance. I know that if we need help with something, all I need to do is ask. With this kind of enthusiasm the "Pigs will Fly" for a long time............ Very soon we will be posting a preliminary schedule of activities , so you will be able to see what is planed and to make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun.. till next time. Coop


Edward said...

Very Well Put,In a nut shell.
W@e need to and hope to Keep our Life style Alive!!!!
Vanners r Better then People...


Thank you. it's all up to us!

debvanner said...

Looking forward to the Natz, much thanks to Vans on the Run for their part in keeping Vanning alive !

See u all soon !

Deb Wilson
Three River Vans
Pittsburgh, PA