Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Seems there are some of you who are having problems finding info on our blog. Most pertinent info is in the flyer. You'll find the flyer down the page on the left side. If it is to small to read, click on the image and it will expand to full screen. You can also blow it up bigger if you wish. Information not available at the time we printed the flyer, will be added periodically here on the left side in a new post. Questions that we are asked repeatedly will be posted in the FAQ section on the right side of the blog. Vendor, trophy sponsor,bible adds, and contact info is also listed in the right hand column. You can ask questions, make constructive suggestions ,or comments, 2 ways. At the bottom of each post, on the left side there is a place for comments. Click on it and you can leave a question or comment that will be seen by anyone who wishes to read the comment section. We will post an answer or response there also, where everyone will see it. On the right side you will find the Vans On The Run email address. You can send a question or comment there and it will be private. Some one will get a response back as soon as we can. If that dosn't help you can call the phone numbers listed in the flyer and you can reach the pres. V.P., or treasurer and we will be happy to help. As the posts pile up they will expand to multiple pages. You can find the older posts at the bottom by clicking on the "older posts" icon. Even tho we have been working on this for nearly a year, the 39th Nats is not finished and in the can. We are way ahead of where we thought we would be but, are still working on a lot of large and small details and every day someone comes up with a new idea for making this event even more fun. Our members are working hard and enjoying all the preparations. That's how I know this will be a fun event for everyone. I have posted a couple photos of the grounds for those of you who haven't been there yet. These show the grandstand area. We are using the big stage out front, and will have a second stage set up behind the grandstand. There will be a lot of music. the area behind the stands will also have the vendor area. That building in the center of the photo, is one of 3 restroom buildings with showers.
We will be posting more photos as we get closer to the event

Stay tuned!

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